Section 1 (a)

(a) How does sculptor Ron Mueck represent his view of the world?              5 Marks

Plate 1: Ron Mueck, b. 1958, Australia.

Boy, 1999. Mixed media including fibreglass and resin, 490 cm × 490 cm × 240 cm. Photographed on exhibition at the Venice Biennale, 2001.


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  1. anon said,

    Ron Mueck illustrates his view of the world via the use of numerous techniques such as hyper realism, choice in medium, scale and color.
    In Plate 1: ‘Boy’, Ron Mueck represents his view of the world, through the use of scale, hyper realism and color. The sculpture shows a great attention to detail and a very selective use of color.

    Ron Muecks view of the world is not sugar coated, and appears dark and in a sense sinister. This point is reiterated with the unflattering attention to detail and dull colors, this dark and some what depressing view of the world, is further illustrated in Plate 2: “Two Women” in which, again, the great attention to detail paints a realistic and dark view of the world. Seeing people as they are rather than as images of beauty (notable in other works of art). Ron Mueck sees people for what they really are, rather than figments of beauty, often highlighting the unflattering and unappealing features.

    (bit repetetive, will keep trying)

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