Homework Wk6; Zahalka

You are to answer the following question below, constructing a 300 word detailed description outlining key characteristics of the artworks you have selected to back up your argument. Be sure use a cultural and postmodern (these are the frames and key words you should use throughout your response) approach to the piece while also outlining why it is apart Postmodernism and some stylistic features of the movement.

1. Describe

2. Visual features, materials and techniques

3. Subject Matter

4. Aims/meanings/message (artist and audience)

5. Stylistic features of Postmodernism, it’s origins and features

6. A Bonus Point; Try to use a quote!!

Use some or all of the following words in your detailed description:

Photographic Postmodernism/appropriation, art and identity, changing culture, gender, class, multiculturalism, appropriation, contemporary, cross-references, postmodern conventions, breaks the traditional truths,  parody, stereotypes, replaces, re-contextualises, challenging, studio setting, staged, viewpoint

Question; What aspects of our changing culture are expressed in Zahalka’s work?


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