Anne Zahalka

1957; Born Sydney, Australia

Anne Zahalka is one of Australia’s most recognised artists working in photomedia. During her twenty year practice Zahalka has produced some iconic images of Australia. She works with familiar images of our nation and subverts them in a humorous and critical voice. Her work has been collected by all major museums in Australia and was represented in the National Gallery of Australia’s recent publication on art in their collection. She has held numerous solo shows in Australia and several overseas.

Anne Zahalka is a Sydney-born contemporary photographer whose work has been exhibited extensively in Australia, Europe and Asia since the early 1980s. Zahalka has maintained an interested in leisure activities as an intrinsic part of Australia culture, moving from the self-conscious stage-setting of her previous work to virtually pure documentation in spectacular scale and colour. These aspects, coupled with the artist’s ongoing research into art history and photography’s place within those discourses, will form the basis of her collection exhibition.

Anne Zahalka The Sunbather #2 from the series ‘Bondi: Playground of the Pacific’ 1989 (printed 1990) Hallmark Cards Australian Photography Collection Fund 1990


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