Olivia Moore’s Drawing

May 14, 2010 at 1:58 pm (Practical Works)

3 images reflecting the link between youth, growing up and the objects that reflect these ideas.


  1. olivia moore said,

    i was happy with the way this work turned out but i feel i could have encompassed a darker tonal scale to emphasise some of the delicate gradations of tone

  2. Bree Borg said,

    i like this work because it shows great tonal qualities over the different images that are shown.
    i also like the idea of the work; that a little girl has overdressed and tried to wear her mums shoes because the viewer can make connections with the artwork.
    the angles of the work makes the viewer feels like they can associate with the little girl through the images that are portrayed.

  3. Bec Stead said,

    I really like the subject matter within liv’s work. its a subject which is both easily relatable and fun. it has the essence of growing up and the awkwardness of the little girls hands is reflective of how we try to be older then we are. liv’s technique is also really good and the tonal qualities of her works are highly realistic.

  4. Chelsea McDonald said,

    I love the subject matter of this artwork. The hands in the larger drawing are very detailed and have a realistic look to it.

  5. Joanna said,

    I really like how you kept to a theme with fashion and used three different types of fashion. I think you did a really good job with the use of tone, which made your works so much more life like. I also love how you chose to have different size works, rather then just making them all the same. This i think draws the audience in more. Good work Olivia, they look really good!

  6. Madison J said,

    I love the subject matter; it’s really clever the way that you have integrated your childhood with your present day life.
    The shadowing makes the images seem very realistic.
    The variation in size of the three images make the artwork as a whole more intriguing and interesting.

  7. Hannah said,

    Liv’s work looks great. I really like how she has drawn her images. I think showing the little girl in every image is really effective. Each image shows so much detail. Liv looks like she has put a lot of effort into these images and they look really good. Great work Liv!

  8. Lauren (D) said,

    hey liv!
    this is sooo good, I love how all the images are very personal, but have elements of mystery because you have only depicted parts of the individual, while concealing thier identity. also, for the largest one, i love the sketchiness and how the hands have the most detail while the background is more simplified. Gives that aspect great emphasis!

  9. Luke S. said,

    the angles on these works are really creative, you capture a story within the work. there is a lot of detail with the jewellery and the bag and you can tell that a lot of thought was put into the how the drawings were put together. great job Liv

  10. Lauren Sillato said,

    I enjoy Liv’s work for the realistic quality in her drawings, her technique and tonal attributes really complements the work. I enjoy the idea Liv is putting forth about a young girl and her desire to grow up. Her composition and ways of presenting the idea is very effective and interesting. Many realistic features are shown, most evident are the hands which have been completed with a significant amount of detail.

  11. ash tattam said,

    i like this artwork because liv is VERY talented!

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