Year 11 Artworks

May 13, 2010 at 2:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Inanimate Objects;Drawings from Term 1.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. olivia moore said,

    this looks really cool with the works floating and the music, its like an exhibition

  2. olivia moore said,

    the still images come alive with the video editing techniques, the music complements the work and the limited text explains the work but doesnt take over the presentation, the images of the works are still the prime focus.

  3. Bree Borg said,

    the video is very imaginative and original.
    it expresses the various works across the class incorporating themes and words that represent the works and describe what they are.
    i like this video because the music commends the artworks as it is soft and personnel, just like the works.

  4. Chelsea McDonald said,

    This video is really interesting and engaging. The music and the artworks fit well together, and the artworks that are shown are fantastic.

  5. Joanna said,

    I liked the video because of the way it was presented, how the different images come in and out of the shot. I liked the music that was put with it, it really complemented the images. I think there could have been more images, so all students had their works in it. But over all i like the video in whole.

  6. Madison J said,

    I enjoyed the video because it was appealing to the eye and the ear. The music was complementary to the monochrome colours; I like the way the images merged together.

  7. Lauren Sillato said,

    The video effectively presents a series of artworks through the smooth presentation of effects that are displayed. The video is an interesting way of reaching an audience through a fast, entertaining presentation, with the soft music that complements the artworks and draws the attention of the viewer.

  8. Bec Stead said,

    the video is a good way of showcasing the classes major works. i like how the transition between the slides is different and the effects make it interesting. the music also adds to the artworks and reflects the importance of the artworks.

  9. Luke S. said,

    the video was really good. i like the transitions between the photo and the music works well with the themes of the content of the video. the black background works well because our eyes are drawn to the artworks coming on the screen. Although, the cropping cuts out a lot of the art, so we can’t view the full picture, but still a great video to view. it will be good when we can see everyones works.

  10. Hannah said,

    I think the movie looks really good and the artworks look amazing. The movie shows the artworks in a really different way. I like how how the movie presents the artworks with animations and music. It looks really creative.

  11. Lauren (D) said,

    these major works are awesome, we all worked so hard and it paid off too- I would know, I was there! haha- anyways, the program allows some great effects- but I would allow more time to look at them- say about 5-10 seconds hmm?
    you can use windows movie maker too- it allows more images. Just a suggestion k 🙂
    It would be really cool if we had our names attached to the artworks- and we gave them titles
    well done guys! yay!

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